Edge & Associates Inc. recognizes the need to work closely with our clients. We strive to continually listen to our clients' needs, providing prompt, professional service.

We at Edge & Associates know we are better qualified than any other insurer to respond to the needs of the horse owner. The agency is authorized with immediate binding authority day or night. We are an independent agent, which means we work to serve you first.

The companies that we represent provide you protection and security with broad coverage and nationwide, 24 hour-a-day claim service. Efficient claim handling and professional claim settlements have contributed to our success.


FULL MORTALITY - Covers death of horse as well as theft. Also includes up to $3,000 emergency colic surgery coverage.

TRANSPORTATION RIDER - To extend coverage for transport to/from foreign countries.

MAJOR MEDICAL Endorsement - Provides coverage up to a maximum of $10,000 per period of insurance for reasonable and customary medical and surgical costs. Charges by a veterinarian as a result of an accident, injury or illness are also covered. Deductible applies to each claim. Standard SURGICAL Insurance with deductable is also available.

RESTRICTED/OPTIONAL PERILS - A limited-risk mortality covering all breeds of horses. No age limit or veterinary exam required. Low-cost annual coverage for perils of fire, lightning, windstorm, collision in transit, accidental shooting, earthquake, theft, etc.

STALLION INFERTILITY EXT. - Protecting against financial disaster in a breeding venture. Choose or combine A.S.D. (Accident, Sickness, Diseases) and Congenital (first season at stud).

FARM OWNERS - A comprehensive package policy to cover homes, all farm buildings, personal and farm property and broad liability. Specifically endorsed to cover horse-related risks (on and off premises). Available only in the state of Florida.

LIABILITY - We can cover most personal and commercial equine-related operations. Call us for details!

CARE, CUSTODY & CONTROL Legal Liability - Designed for stable owners, breeders and trainers to cover non-owned horses in their care, custody, and control.

The specific rate is determined generally by the breed, age, intended use, and insurable value* of each animal. Premium Financing is also available. Call for details and quotations. Quality Coverage, not just cheap rates, offers your best protection.

As a general rule the Company does not insure for an amount greater than the dollar purchase price of an animal or the amount of money invested in one. On foals raised, basic coverage is three times the Sire's breeding fee. While it is willing to take into account an increase in value resulting from prize winnings, performance or value of offspring sold, the Company does not insure sentimental, speculative or replacement values, or profits. If you wish to increase the insurance on an animal, the request must be accompanied by complete, factual information sustaining the claim for increased value. Offers to purchase, unless accepted, do not necessarily constitute value. A veterinary certificate is required for values in excess of US$50,000.

Since Livestock Mortality Insurance is life insurance, any animal proposed for insurance must be in good health and in an insurable condition on the effective date of the binder and/or policy. A properly signed and completed application should always be submitted with a current statement of health. All parties with a financial interest must be indicated. Timely notification is provided by the Agency for renewal of your policy. A completed signed renewal application is required.

*NEW* Applications are now conveniently available for download from this page.(Opens in a new window).

If an insured animal becomes sick, injured, or requires surgery, you must promptly secure the services of a licensed veterinarian to attend the animal, at your own expense. As a policy condition, you must immediately notify the claims department at their toll-free number 24 hrs. a day. Be sure all persons entrusted with the care or custody of your animal know what to do in such cases.